Rematch in election could have long-lasting impact on US science policy

Rematch in election could have long-lasting impact on US science policy

The upcoming election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden has the potential to greatly impact environmental, public health, and international scientific collaboration policies. Jeff Tollefson, Natasha Gilbert, Max Kozlov, and Mariana Lenharo reported on this for Nature. In short, Trump and Biden have differing views on climate change action, with Trump seeking to roll back regulations and Biden advocating for clean energy innovation.

Public health funding and policy approaches also highlight the differences between the candidates, as Biden supports increased funding for health research while Trump has a history of attempting to cut it. Immigration and international collaboration are other areas where the candidates differ, which could have significant implications for scientists and research globally.

According to environmental scientist Alexander Barron from Smith College, “It’s a trope to say that every election is critical, but this election is particularly stark in the two paths that it presents for the United States.” This means that the outcome of this election could have a major impact on how the United States approaches critical issues like climate change, public health, and international scientific collaboration.

The direction taken could influence not only the nation’s health outcomes but also its position on the global stage in addressing urgent challenges. In an opinion piece, House Speaker Mike Johnson’s playbook on climate change is highlighted, which includes denying the science and cutting funding. It is clear that the upcoming election will have far-reaching consequences for these important issues.

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