Researcher claims assassination in Damascus has caused delay in Iran’s response

Researcher claims assassination in Damascus has caused delay in Iran’s response

One factor that may contribute to the delay in the Iranian response is its efforts to engage in diplomatic actions on various levels. There are indications that Iran is giving diplomatic efforts a chance, with a package of diplomatic opportunities emerging from the United States. The lack of response to Israel may be sending a message to Washington. It is suggested that Iran is signaling to the United States that if pressure is applied to Israel to cease fire in Gaza, direct action against Israel may not take place.

About a week ago, an air attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus resulted in the death of seven Iranian officers, including a senior commander in the Revolutionary Guards. Iran vowed a strong response to the killing of their senior officer in Syria, planning to target sensitive sites in Israel using ballistic missiles and suicide drones. American intelligence sources reported that Iran may use pro-Iranian militias for the attack rather than directly carrying it out.

Western security sources have stated that if Iran chooses to bomb Israeli targets in retaliation, Israel may respond by attacking sensitive Iranian sites, including nuclear facilities. The Israeli Air Force has been conducting intensive training to prepare for various scenarios, indicating readiness to defend against potential threats.

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