Rev Up Your Music Collection with Health’s Winter Issue Cover Bundle: Includes Exclusive T-Shirt and Rat Wars Vinyl

Check Out HEALTH’s Sultry New-Wave Version of DEFTONES’ “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)”

The Health’s Revolver Winter Issue cover bundle is now available for purchase at our shop. This bundle includes a Rat Wars vinyl and an exclusive T-shirt, making it the perfect gift for any music lover. In this issue, Health has managed to make Deftones’ iconic alt-metal song “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)” even sexier.

For the Spotify Singles series, the L.A. industrial noise-makers have put their own spin on the Around the Fur classic, transforming Deftones’ crunching metal banger into an ethereal new-wave exhale. The pounding guitars of the original are swapped in for glazed synths, the drums are flipped into thumping industrial beats, and singer Jake Duzsik delivers Chino Moreno’s words with a breathy murmur.

This new interpretation of “Be Quiet and Drive” offers a really cool and clever twist on the original. You can listen to it via Spotify and experience the new sounds that Health has created.

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