Robert Irvine’s High-Protein Shake Recipe: Fueling Up on the Go

Get Chef Robert Irvine’s High-Protein Shake Recipe with Just 5 Ingredients

Celebrity chef Robert Irvine is a fitness enthusiast who always carries supplies to make protein shakes wherever he goes. Among his favorite recipes is a peanut butter, banana, and almond blend that he enjoys after workouts. The shake contains 5 ingredients and packs 44 grams of protein, along with healthy fats and carbs for energy.

When traveling, Chef Robert Irvine brings personal food prep tools with him to maintain his strict dietary needs. He spends 345 days of the year traveling for filming or participating in charity events. As a veteran Royal Navy officer, Irvine eats every two and a half hours to keep his muscles and metabolism in check.

In order to fuel daily workouts while on the road, Irvine carries protein powder and a blender with him at all times. His brand offers a portable personal blender that allows users to make shakes directly in a drinking bottle. One of his go-to recipes is a high-protein shake with banana and peanut butter, which includes peanut butter protein powder, peanut butter, slivered almonds, banana, and low-fat milk.

The shake provides 44 grams of protein and over 400 calories, offering the perfect balance of carbs for energy, protein for muscle building, and fats to help you feel full. Irvine recommends it as a post-workout meal on the go or when time is tight.

Overall, Robert Irvine’s dedication to maintaining his fitness routine while traveling shows how important it is to prioritize healthy eating habits even when away from home.

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