Royals present economic forecasts for Crossroads stadium proposal

Royals present economic forecasts for Crossroads stadium proposal

On Friday, the Kansas City Royals and the real estate firm Jones LaSalle Long presented information on how the proposed Royals stadium in downtown Kansas City would impact the local economy. According to the presentation, building the stadium and a neighboring entertainment district would create 26,000 jobs, earning $1.8 billion in salaries and generating $3.8 billion in overall economic impact.

Gus Dossett of Jones LaSalle Long stated that when the stadium opens, it will create 5,400 jobs with employees earning $300 million. Overall, the ballpark would generate $880 million in impact that year. Once the neighboring entertainment district with a hotel and other features is fully operational, Dossett mentioned that the entire project will support 8,400 new jobs with a combined salary of $440 million. The overall economic impact would then reach $1.2 billion.

The team based these predictions on attracting between 2 and 3 million fans over the course of a season. The team had 1.3 million fans in 2023 when it finished with the second worst record in Major League Baseball. Brooks Sherman revealed that the team had 2.6 million fans in 2016, the season following their World Series win.

In addition, the Royals released economic impact numbers for two other sites they were considering for a new ballpark last year: the East Village and North Kansas City. The figures presented on Friday regarding the Crossroads site surpassed the predictions from August. The Congressional Research Service published a report in January exploring how sports can drive the economy and highlighted that public funding for stadiums has minor economic impacts. It also emphasized that promises of new spending created by the stadium are essentially funds that would have been spent locally regardless, perhaps just not around a new stadium.

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