Scholz and Tusk Strike Back at Trump’s NATO Comments: Strengthening Europe’s Defense Capabilities through Transatlantic Cooperation

Trump’s statements are dangerously playing into Russia’s hands, warn Olaf Scholz and Donald Tusk

In the midst of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump drew criticism from his Western partners on Sunday when he suggested that the US might not defend NATO allies who do not spend enough on defense against a potential Russian attack. Scholz, the Chancellor of Germany, responded strongly to Trump’s comments, saying that any weakening of the guarantee of coming to the aid of other NATO members is irresponsible and dangerous and only benefits Russia.

“The security of Poland is also our security,” Scholz emphasized during a meeting with Tusk in Berlin. “Germany and Poland must take joint responsibility for increasing Europe’s defense capability,” Tusk added, stressing the importance of close cooperation between Europe and the USA.

Tusk also highlighted the financial superiority of the European Union compared to Russia, arguing that money should not be an obstacle to strengthening Europe’s defense capabilities. He emphasized that there is no alternative to transatlantic cooperation in ensuring security in Europe.

Scholz reiterated Germany’s responsibility for the horrors committed during World War II and emphasized its commitment to paying war reparations as requested by Poland. Despite recent tensions between Germany and Poland due to issues such as payment of war reparations, relations have improved since the conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party took power in Warsaw in 2015.

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