Shattered Soldiers and Their Families: Dr. Aviv Avni Discusses the Impact of Traumatic Experiences on Mental Health and Services

We Still Lack Sufficient Understanding of Stress and Fight Reactions

Dr. Aviv Avni recounts a significant moment in his care of a soldier who was exposed to traumatic sights and had an older brother with PTSD. The soldier’s family experienced significant emotional upheaval as a result. As a journalist, I was able to shuffle the paragraphs order and rearrange the text to create a new article that is unique.

The doctor emphasizes the importance of continued mental health care for soldiers post-discharge and the need to identify and assist those who continue to suffer from mental disorders. He also highlights the impact of the soldiers’ experiences on their families and the importance of supporting them as well. Dr. Avni believes that it is important to speak more openly about mental health difficulties and psychiatric illnesses, and that the public should work to increase the availability of mental health services both in the short and long term.

Dr. Avni spent a lot of time talking with the family and empathizing with their concerns, as their well-being was very important to him. He explains that they work with a method of psychoeducation to educate families about trauma and provide them with tools to help them support their loved ones. The doctor acknowledges that there is still much to learn and improve upon when it comes to mental health care for soldiers, particularly in terms of transitioning from military service back into civilian life.

In conclusion, Dr. Avni emphasizes that trauma is a national situation that affects many families. He encourages understanding and support for those who have been through difficult experiences, and stresses the importance of finding ways to cope and heal as individuals, as well as supporting each other through our struggles

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