Shifting Focus: How Midwestern Florist Notices Flattened Valentine’s Day Sales Due to Economic Concerns and Smaller Bouquet Trends

People are cutting back on Valentine’s Day spending due to the economy

In Grinnell, floral shop owner Stephanie Latimer has noted a slight decrease in Valentine’s Day purchases this year. She attributes this change to customers wanting to save money and opting for smaller, more compact flower bouquets instead of the larger, more expensive options like one or two dozen red roses. She also mentions that customers may be adding on balloons to go with their smaller purchases.

Latimer is involved in the National Alliance of Florists Association and has observed similar purchasing trends in other states. Business is expected to peak today and tomorrow, with the shop typically being full of people and the phones ringing off the hook. If not, there are still plenty of online orders coming in through the shoppable website.

Latimer suggests that many people may have shifted their focus to Valentine’s Day gifts after the conclusion of the football season on Sunday. She believes these trends are not unique to the Midwest but are being observed across the United States.

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