Showcasing White Pine Lodge: A Local Business Feature

Showcasing White Pine Lodge: A Local Business Feature

Chris and Allison Short are preparing to kick off their second summer season as the new owners of White Pine Lodge in less than six weeks. They purchased the lodge, previously known as Big Bear Lodge, from Andy and Ida DeLisi in the fall of 2022. Since taking over ownership, Allison Short expressed that the experience has been enjoyable and they are having fun figuring things out together. The community has been incredibly welcoming, helpful, and supportive throughout their first year as owners.

Over the past year, Chris and Allison have infused their personalities into the lodge by introducing draft beer and homemade pizzas, organizing community events, and setting up a campground on the property. The campground at White Pine Lodge now boasts four campsites complete with picnic tables and fire pits, making it an attractive year-round option for guests. Chris mentioned that the addition of the campground has been well received by visitors and has proven to be a valuable asset for the business.

As the summer season approaches, Chris and Allison are eagerly anticipating the return of familiar faces and are also looking forward to meeting new guests. Chris expressed his excitement for the upcoming summer, noting that it will be their second full season at White Pine Lodge. The couple is dedicated to providing a memorable experience for all visitors and are enthusiastic about the opportunities that lie ahead.

WTIP’s Kalli Hawkins recently interviewed Chris and Allison Short for the Local Business Spotlight to discuss their passion for the lodge, share their homemade pizza recipes, and talk about their plans for the upcoming summer season. The feature includes an audio segment where Chris and Allison provide insight into their business and what guests can expect when visiting White Pine Lodge.

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