Surge in Alcohol and Drug Addiction Among Soldiers and Their Families: Study by Social Workers

Increasing Number of Wounded IDF Soldiers Turning to Alcohol and Drugs, Report Finds

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Soldiers returning from combat are facing a growing problem with alcohol and drug addiction, as well as financial difficulties in their families. The behavior of children of soldiers called up for reservist service is also deteriorating, according to a report by the Association of Social Workers.

The study found that 58% of social workers reported an increase in alcohol and drug use among wounded military personnel (both active duty and reservists), while 64% reported difficulties with parenting. In addition, 59% reported worsening behavior in the families of those who were called up for reservist service.

Among the military personnel themselves and their family members, 19.11% reported abuse of alcohol and drugs, as well as addictive medications in survivors of military injuries and their loved ones. Of these, 68.52% reported psychological and psychiatric problems in the families of victims, while 66.56% reported worsening psychological problems.

The study also found that 21.76% of social workers reported a deterioration in the educational situation in the families of injured military personnel, which arose after the start of the war. Furthermore, 34.11% of social workers reported that their clients who were injured during service experience difficulties in realizing their social rights, while 39.41% reported economic difficulties, and 33.82% reported problems with employment.

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