Surprise Result: Muslim League Wins Pakistan Elections, Independent Candidates Secure Majority Despite Imran Khan’s Ban

Sharif’s party claims victory in the elections

Pakistan’s former prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, and his Muslim League party declared victory in the country’s elections. However, independent candidates also secured a majority of seats despite being strongly linked to another ex-prime minister currently in prison, Imran Khan, and his PTI party.

On Saturday morning, counting was still underway, with independent candidates winning 99 of the country’s 266 parliamentary seats. Meanwhile, the Muslim League had secured 71 seats, the Pakistan People’s Party 53, and minor parties 27, while 15 seats remained undecided.

Given that the Muslim League did not have a large enough majority to form a government on its own, Sharif invited other parties and candidates who had secured seats in the elections to cooperate with his party. Independent candidates are unable to form a government on their own and can instead join forces with any other party three days after the election.

Amidst the contentious election results, PTI posted a video on social media purporting to show that their candidates had won despite Khan currently being in prison and banned from politics for ten years. However, Pakistan’s military called for an end to the political standoff and advocated for a steady and healing approach to the country’s future.

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