Tackling Healthcare Disparities: A National Health Plan Study on Health Literacy, Social Determinants of Health and Patient Experiences

Understanding health literacy, social determinants, and discrimination in national health plans

In this episode of Managed Care Cast, we are joined by Dr. J. Nwando Olayiwola, MD, MPH; Candy Magaña, MPA; and Bereket Kindo, PhD, to discuss their research on the relationship between health literacy, social determinants of health, discrimination and patient experiences in a national health plan.

As Chief Health Equity Officer and Senior Vice President at Humana, Dr. Olayiwola has been at the forefront of addressing healthcare disparities within the organization. Joining him is Candy Magaña, Director of Health Equity Innovation at Humana and Bereket Kindo, Lead Data Scientist. Together they provide valuable insights into the complex interplay between these factors and their impact on patient outcomes.

Their study sheds light on how structural determinants of health interact with social determinants of health to shape patient experiences within a health plan. Additionally, they explore the impact of patient demographics on healthcare outcomes. This study is a significant contribution to our understanding of healthcare disparities and underscores the importance of addressing these factors to improve patient outcomes.

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