Tesla Staff Fear Impending Layoffs

Tesla Staff Fear Impending Layoffs

Concern is rising among some Tesla employees as rumors of imminent layoffs circulate within the company. According to seven engineers, cuts are anticipated at Tesla’s facilities including the Austin gigafactory and the Fremont factory. Despite no official communication from management, there are whispers suggesting that the layoffs might start as early as this weekend. However, not all employees are taking these rumors seriously, with some acknowledging how quickly false information can spread within a large organization like Tesla.

This isn’t the first time anxiety over potential layoffs has gripped Tesla in recent months. In February, the company reportedly instructed managers to begin pinpointing critical roles within the organization. Additionally, some workers’ performance reviews were postponed and then rescheduled, adding to the uncertainty. Given recent layoffs at several Big Tech companies and Tesla’s own challenges, employees are understandably on edge.

Tesla’s recent first-quarter delivery numbers showed a decline in sales, raising concerns about the company’s performance. Deliveries dropped significantly compared to the previous quarter and the same period the year before, marking Tesla’s first year-on-year sales decrease since 2020. This, coupled with the layoffs at other electric vehicle companies such as Rivian and Fisker, has added to the stress among Tesla employees.

As Tesla navigates these challenges, employees are monitoring the situation closely for any official communication regarding potential layoffs. Despite the uncertainty, many workers remain focused on their roles and responsibilities within the company. Tesla has not yet responded to requests for comments on the rumors of layoffs circulating within the organization.

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