The Dumbest Way to Combine Snow and Bikes: Why ‘Snow Slalom on Bikes’ is Not the Answer

Social Recap: 2024 Snow Bike World Championships

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of combining snow and bikes in creative ways. However, one idea that seems particularly ill-advised is to create a “slalom skiing but with bikes instead of skiis.” While the concept may seem novel, it is not practical as bikes are not suitable for slalom skiing. Even if there was a need for “wintertime biking on snow,” there are better options than this.

One such option is for the UCI to create a more compelling event to watch, such as fatbike XC courses. These courses would be similar to standard XC racing but in a unique format, providing an exciting spectacle for viewers. Another idea could be to borrow something from ski racing and create “skiercross on bikes.” This would be wild and exciting, similar to Dual Slalom but with bigger and more elaborate courses. Using bikes with skis instead of tires could make it even more like skiercross, adding an extra element of challenge for riders.

In conclusion, mixing snow and bikes in the dumbest way possible is not practical or advisable. There are much better options available, such as fatbike XC courses or “skiercross on bikes.” It may be best to leave snow as the domain of skiing and for those who enjoy riding their fatbikes through snowy woods.

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