The Evolved Espace: Renault’s Largest and Most Practical Car Transforms into a Spacious SUV

The Changing Espace: Still the Most Impressive Renault

The Renault Espace is a legendary model that has undergone a significant transformation in its latest iteration. Originally a minivan, it has now evolved into a large SUV, mirroring the larger shift in the automotive industry where SUVs are dominating and causing other car classes to disappear.

Despite losing some independence, the latest version of the Espace remains Renault’s largest and most impressive car in terms of size and practicality. It boasts an impressive amount of space, offering five to seven seats, while still maintaining a large trunk.

The design may not be as attractive as Renault’s other model, the Austral, but it is still an impressive and practical large SUV. The interior of the Espace is similar to the Austral, boasting appealing interior design and top-notch functional elements.

The Espace features a hybrid system with two electric motors and a complicated gearbox without a clutch. Despite its complex drive system, the Espace is efficient when it comes to fuel consumption. It offers smooth drives and accelerations.

The car’s suspension system is soft, designed primarily for comfort, but is also capable of more lively cornering thanks to its 4Control advanced steering system.

Overall, the Renault Espace is a practical, spacious, and comfortable SUV that could improve in terms of trunk space and the speed of the gearbox in some situations. It is an excellent option for large families and those who desire more space.

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