The Lasting Legacy of Carol Wieneke: A Nurse Whose Heart Never Stops Nurturing

Nurse from Sanford retires after dedicated 60-year career

For 60 years, Carol Wieneke has been an LPN at Sanford Luveren, a position she held with pride and dedication. Throughout her time at the hospital, she has built strong relationships with her colleagues and patients alike, making it her niche to genuinely care for people.

One of her closest friends was Vicki Nelson, who retired after 44 years of working alongside Wieneke. Though they may no longer work together, their bond remains as strong as ever.

Wieneke believes that finding joy in the simple moments is what makes life worth living. She approaches every day with positivity and a sense of purpose, which she believes translates into better care for her patients and staff.

As she prepares to retire from Sanford Luveren, Wieneke plans to continue volunteering at the hospital and checking in with her friends and colleagues from time to time. Her colleague Cheryl Groen knows that even though they may not work together anymore, their friendship will endure forever.

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