The List of Jews: An Investigation into Anti-Semitism and Fitness Trends in Victoria.

Australian pro-Palestinian activists release list of 600 Jews in the local creative industry

In Victoria, the police are currently investigating the publication and distribution of a list containing the names, social media handles, and photographs of 600 Australian Jews working in the local creative industry. The list was published by a group of pro-Palestinian activists who claim that members of the list “coordinated efforts to silence voices advocating for Palestinian freedom.” The activists also made openly anti-Semitic statements about “parasitic Zionists.”

However, it’s important to note that the list included not only Zionists but also Jews who spoke out from anti-Israeli positions and people who did not speak out about Israel at all. Meanwhile, on various platforms, there are multiple articles on dieting, fitness, and health. These include pieces about debunking myths about dieting, the connection between mental health and fitness, and the risks and rewards of weight loss pills. These articles aim to educate and provide useful information to people looking to improve their health and fitness levels.

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