The Super Bowl’s Overtime Showdown: A New Chapter in NFL History and Coin Toss Decisions

Andy Reid Defends OT Coin Flip Decision: I Won’t Doubt Kyle Shanahan

The Super Bowl on Sunday went into overtime for the second time in history. This was also the first time that this occurred under the revised rules which guarantee each team a chance to possess the ball. As a result, the decision for the team that wins the coin flip is now more intriguing than ever before.

The game ended in a 25-22 victory for the Kansas City Chiefs after they drove 72 yards and scored a touchdown pass from Patrick Mahomes to Mecole Hardman. Prior to that, the San Francisco 49ers had driven for a field goal, opening up the extra period.

After winning the toss, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan chose to receive over kick off or defer. He explained after the game that he preferred to receive the ball if it went into sudden death with a third possession. However, he said he wasn’t sure if there was any right or wrong way to play it given lack of history in such scenarios so he wouldn’t second guess his call.

The Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was asked about that call after the game and said he wasn’t sure if there is any correct way to play things given lack of history in such scenarios, so he wouldn’t second guess Shanahan’s call. Regardless of what side you choose after the coin flip, your team needs to do its job on both sides of

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