The unassuming science lab hidden in Benn Jordan’s concrete cabin

The unassuming science lab hidden in Benn Jordan’s concrete cabin

Benn Jordan is thinking about how to equip his fantasy forever studio. Will it be a space filled with futuristic technology or packed with analogue gear? Perhaps a combination of both, as long as it includes his favorite DAW and is protected by a moat. Yes, a moat.

In this week’s episode of My Forever Studio, in partnership with Audient, Benn Jordan, known for his work as The Flashbulb, shares insights into his music production journey. He talks about how he started by mixing and mastering his early records on a low-end setup and reveals the “open secret” of the music tech industry. He also shares which unexpected song he uses to tune touring sound systems and discusses the one item in his Forever Studio that he would be devastated to lose if his house burned down.

Benn has become a well-known figure in the music production world for his innovative discography and his exploration of sound science on his YouTube channel. He has also delved into the music industry and its key players, building a strong online community on Patreon. Recently, Benn has been focusing on AI, collaborating with DJ Fresh to create Voice.Swap, a stem-swapping tool designed to ensure fair royalties for session musicians. He was appointed creative director of the company in late 2023, keeping him busier than ever before.

Each installment of the My Forever Studio podcast features artists, producers, and engineers envisioning their dream creative space. However, there are limits to what they can include in their forever studio, requiring them to make thoughtful selections. The podcast promises nostalgia, anecdotes, and perhaps a few jokes, but no bundles.

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