There is a major caveat to Chase Young’s new contract

There is a major caveat to Chase Young’s new contract

Chase Young has agreed to terms with the Saints, with reports stating that he will receive $13 million fully guaranteed. However, a closer look reveals that $7.99 million of that amount is tied to per-game roster bonuses. This means that Young will need to be on the active, game-day roster to receive these payments, and he must qualify for them even though they are guaranteed.

According to Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports, Young’s contract includes a signing bonus of $1.86 million, a base salary of $2.7 million, a guaranteed workout bonus of $450,000, and per-game roster bonuses of $470,000 per game. While the per-game roster bonuses are guaranteed, they still depend on Young being available to play in each game.

This approach helps protect the Saints against the possibility of Young not being able to play due to injury or other reasons. It also corresponds with the news of Young’s recent neck surgery, as the per-game roster bonuses will be contingent on his ability to suit up and play in each game.

Young, who was the NFL’s defensive rookie of the year in 2020, saw his career derailed by a torn ACL in the 2021 season. Despite the injury setback, he was traded to the Saints by the 49ers last season. Moving forward, Young will have the opportunity to earn his guaranteed money one game at a time as he works to return to form and make an impact on the field.

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