This year, the NFL will not play on Christmas Eve

This year, the NFL will not play on Christmas Eve

The NFL recently made a surprising decision that contradicted its previous stance on playing games during the holiday season. Despite their past position, the NFL announced that they will be playing two games on Wednesday, December 25th this year, reversing their policy of avoiding games on Christmas when it falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday. This news came as a shock to many fans who believed the league would maintain its traditional stance.

While the NFL’s decision to play two games on Christmas Day was unexpected, what was even more surprising was the announcement that there would be no game on Christmas Eve, December 24th. This decision puzzled many, as playing a game on that day would have been logistically possible and could have been a significant viewing opportunity for the league. However, the NFL confirmed that there will be no game on December 24th, leaving fans and analysts speculating about the reason behind this choice.

Despite the potential to leverage a captive audience on Christmas Eve, the NFL opted not to play a game on that evening. The league’s decision to forgo a Tuesday game in addition to the Christmas Day games was unexpected. NFL executive V.P. of media distribution Hans Schroeder explained that finding a way to play games on Friday, December 25th this year was feasible, but playing on Tuesday was deemed too challenging. Regardless of the reasons behind the decisions, the NFL’s choices have left many puzzled.

The league’s decision not to play on Christmas Eve may have been influenced by viewership numbers and the perceived hassle of adding an extra game to the schedule. Perhaps if the audience size had warranted it, the NFL may have chosen to play a game on Christmas Eve. As the league navigates the complexities of scheduling games during the holiday season, it will be interesting to see how their decisions affect future seasons when Christmas falls mid-week. Regardless of their choices this year, fans can expect the NFL to continue making strategic scheduling decisions in the years to come.

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