Tiktok under Investigation: European Commission Cracks Down on Chinese Super App for Child Protection Lapses

EU Takes Aim at Tiktok

The EU Commission is currently taking action against the Chinese super app Tiktok, with an investigation into suspected inadequate child protection being initiated. Bloomberg reported that there are doubts that Tiktok is doing enough to meet the requirements of the Digital Services Act (DSA) to comply. According to a spokesman for Reuters, the service, which is extremely popular with young people, has not yet received any notification from the EU about an investigation.

This audit could potentially result in a fine for Bytedance, the China-based parent company of Tiktok. The European digital guidelines are intended to force companies to take greater action against hatred, incitement, and other illegal content on the Internet. Manipulative practices that pressure users to make purchases will be banned, as will advertising aimed at children. This suggests that Tiktok may be facing potential consequences if it is found to not be in compliance with these standards.

The EU Commission declined to comment on the matter regarding Tiktok’s potential penalties for failing to comply with these guidelines. However, it is clear that companies must adhere to these standards in order to operate legally in the European Union.

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