Tough and Durable: The vCommute Cover: Ideal for Those Who Need Maximum Protection for Their Smartphones

Turn your Galaxy S24 and iPhone 15 into a wallet with the vena cover

The vCommute cover is a rugged case designed to provide maximum protection for smartphones. Its two-layer polycarbonate and TPU structure with CornerGuard technology meets 810G-516.6 military drop test standards, making it ideal for those who need their phone to withstand extreme conditions. The corners of the smartphone are also protected, ensuring that the device remains safe during drops from up to 26 meters high.

One of the unique features of the vCommute cover is its hidden location for three physical cards on the back of the case. This feature allows users to keep important information secure while still being able to pay by touch without any interference. Additionally, the cover includes a stand that enables users to watch movies on their smartphone in comfort without blocking any physical buttons on the side of the device.

The vCommute cover is priced at NIS 110 to 185 and offers a wallet-free solution for those who want to go cashless. While it may add some weight and thickness to the phone, it is still comfortable to hold and provides an excellent level of protection against damage.

For users who prefer a lighter and thinner cover, vena offers the OutCross model. This cover provides similar drop and shock protection as the vCommute model but does not include a wallet or stand solution. However, it does offer an elevation in the lens and screen area for better protection from impact damage. While this cover may lose color over time due to exposure to sunlight, it is still an excellent choice for those who want a lightweight option without sacrificing protection.

Overall, both covers offer robust protection for smartphones while adding unique features that make them stand out from other cases on the market.

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