Two Idaho students chosen to attend prestigious national science camp

Two Idaho students chosen to attend prestigious national science camp

Representing Idaho at the National Youth Science Camp are two exceptional students, Geneva McClory and Anna Grace Aiello. McClory is currently a senior at Moscow High School, while Aiello is a senior at Xavier Charter School in Twin Falls. These two students will have the opportunity to participate in the prestigious camp taking place from June 29 to July 20.

The National Youth Science Camp brings together high school students from across the country who are focused on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM). Participants will work alongside professionals in these fields for an extended period of learning at a residential camp in West Virginia. This unique opportunity is fully funded, allowing students to fully immerse themselves in STEAM education.

Selection for the National Youth Science Camp is based on a combination of academic performance, achievement in STEAM areas, and a commitment to pursuing higher education and a career in a STEAM-related field. Both McClory and Aiello have demonstrated excellence in these areas, leading to their selection to represent Idaho at this prestigious camp.

McClory is looking forward to the chance to interact with like-minded students who share her passion for science. She is eager to explore the various STEAM opportunities that will be available to her at the camp. Similarly, Aiello is excited about the opportunity to deepen her knowledge and understanding of the STEAM field. She is eager to learn from experts and peers who share her curiosity and enthusiasm for these subjects.

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