University Announces Plans to Renovate Meat Science Laboratory

University Announces Plans to Renovate Meat Science Laboratory

The University’s Meat Science Laboratory is scheduled to undergo its first renovations in nearly 40 years since opening. The $3 million project aims to improve research processes, address HVAC and structural issues, and create a more efficient layout. Freshman Raya Prichisky mentioned feeling that the lab was run down and had a confusing layout that needed updating.

Updates will include a new ceiling in the meat and egg sales facility and an expansion of the test kitchen to provide a more spacious and functional environment. The renovations were made possible through a $500,000 award from the USDA Research Facilities Act Program and financial support from the College of ACES and Facilities and Services.

Located at 1503 S. Maryland Dr. in Urbana, the Meat Science Laboratory was originally an animal hospital for the College of Veterinary Medicine before becoming the current research facility. In addition to hosting classes and offices, the lab also features a meat and egg salesroom open to the public and supports various operations within the College of ACES.

The project was announced on April 4, but specific dates and timelines for construction have not been released yet. The renovations are anticipated to modernize the facility, create a more welcoming environment for students, and enhance the overall impact on food and agricultural research.

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