Unprecedented Medical Neglect and Abuse of Abducted Journalists: The Urgent Need for Action

Luis Norberto Herr, rescued from captivity and suffering from diseases, did not receive proper treatment

According to information obtained from their families, the survivors of the abductions suffered from severe starvation, poor hygiene conditions, and a lack of medical treatment. This is especially critical for 70-year-old Luis Norberto Herr, who requires life-saving drugs to treat diabetes, blood pressure, and an oxygen generator.

Prof. Hagai Levin, head of the medical department at the abductees’ headquarters, expressed concern about their well-being. He stated that if they did not receive the medication as promised, it would be a violation of that promise and extremely disturbing. Prof. Levin emphasized that any delay in their treatment could mean life-threatening or irreversible damage. He also noted that there was no proof of this promise by the Qataris who had promised to provide them with necessary medical assistance.

The uncertainty surrounding the medical condition of Luis and other abductees in need of rescue and treatment is alarming. Prof. Levin stated that being held in inhumane conditions poses an immediate danger to their lives. The situation is dire, and their fate remains uncertain as they wait for timely intervention from international human rights organizations and government authorities concerned with their safety and security.

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