Uploading a Sample with Javier Milei’s Record for Sale

Uploading a Sample with Javier Milei’s Record for Sale

A user is selling a file containing 5.7 million images of Argentine driver’s licenses, including those of famous individuals like the President of the Nation and other officials. The data appears to be real, matching the information on the actual licenses. Some photos are outdated, signed, or unsigned. The sample also includes licenses of celebrities and politicians like Ricardo Darín, Luisana Lopilato, and Mauricio Macri.

The cybercriminal selling the information uploaded it from Renaper and the Nosis database. The batch is advertised on a Telegram channel and contains 1.25 TB of data. The leaked data includes sensitive information like blood type and driver impairments, making it valuable for cybercrimes. The seller claims to have extracted data from 20 to 40 million records, with some exceptions for specific individuals outside that range.

The Government confirms that the leak was detected by their computer security team and appropriate measures were taken. Despite efforts to secure citizen information, such leaks pose risks for individuals. Various incidents of data leaks and attacks in Argentina point towards the need for improved cybersecurity measures and public awareness.

The sale of personal data is a serious problem, and timely action is required to prevent further leaks and protect citizen information. The Government is working with cybersecurity experts to address the issue and contain the damage. In a world where data privacy is crucial, incidents like these highlight the importance of robust cybersecurity measures.

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