Ventura Set to Welcome Back X-Games Sports Competition This Summer

Ventura Set to Welcome Back X-Games Sports Competition This Summer

Tickets for the upcoming Ventura X Games competition are now on sale, offering more fan access than ever before. The event will take place at the Ventura County Fairgrounds from June 28-30, featuring skateboarders, BMX riders, and motocross athletes competing for medals with their impressive tricks.

Last year’s positive fan response has led to an even bigger event this year, with X Games live events vice president Rich Bigge promising an enhanced experience for attendees in 2024. In addition to the thrilling competitions, live music, food trucks, and new art installations will be featured throughout the fairgrounds, providing a well-rounded experience for all guests.

Premium ticket holders can expect even more exclusive access and perks during the event. For tickets and further details about this expanded event, interested individuals can visit the X Games website to secure their spot at this exciting competition.

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