Volkswagen Golf Celebrates Fifty Years with 37 Million Copies Sold

Volkswagen Golf Celebrates Fifty Years with 37 Million Copies Sold

Volkswagen is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Golf, a milestone for the German car company. Since the first Golf rolled off the production line in 1974, over 37 million units have been sold worldwide. The Golf has been a popular choice for car buyers, with an average of 2,000 people choosing a new Golf every day.

On March 29, 1974, Volkswagen started production of the Golf, replacing the iconic Beetle. The Golf is still manufactured in Wolfsburg, Volkswagen’s historic stronghold, as well as in other production sites in Germany and seven other countries. To commemorate the anniversary, a special exhibition showcasing the fifty years of the Golf’s existence will open in Wolfsburg.

Over the years, eight generations of the Golf have been introduced, with the latest being the Golf 8 unveiled in 2019. This newest model includes features such as a plug-in hybrid option with a fully electric range of 100 kilometers and advanced technology like voice control and an AI-based conversation partner. In 2023, the Golf was the best-selling Volkswagen model in Germany, with 81,000 cars sold.

Despite some technical issues displaying different websites or error messages, the celebration of the Golf’s 50th anniversary is a significant milestone for Volkswagen and highlights the enduring popularity of this iconic car model.

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