“Wander Woman” inspires women to venture solo and explore the world

“Wander Woman” inspires women to venture solo and explore the world

Beth Santos, co-owner of Ula Café in Massachusetts, is on a mission to inspire women to travel solo and explore the world. She recently released a book called “Wander Woman” in the hopes of changing people’s perspectives on travel. Santos and her business have been actively giving back to the community, with initiatives like pay-it-forward boards and clothing drives for Haitian migrants.

Through her organization Wanderful, Santos has created a global community of over 45,000 female travelers who support and learn from each other. She believes that women are treated differently when they travel and that there needs to be more conversation around gender norms and expectations. Her book aims to address common misconceptions about solo female travel and empower more women to embark on their own adventures.

Santos emphasizes that travel is not just about venturing to far-off destinations, but also about challenging preconceptions, trying new things, and getting out of your comfort zone. She believes that even traveling close to home and experiencing new things locally can be just as transformative as traveling to distant lands. Women of all ages, from young 20-somethings to seniors in their 70s and 80s, are embracing solo travel and discovering the wonders of the world.

With her passion for travel and empowering women, Santos is encouraging more women to step out of their comfort zones, explore new places, and create their own unique travel experiences.

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