Win at Monmouth Convention Boosts Kim’s Chances for N.J. Senate Seat; Tammy Murphy’s Role in Race Leaves Some Uncertain

Murphy World Descends into Chaos, Insider NJ Reports

On a day that was seen as a “bellwether” for both Tammy and Phil Murphy, it felt a bit far-fetched that Tammy’s 20 years of living and volunteering in Monmouth County would help her in the U.S. Senate race. Despite her energetic speech, observers of state politics found this claim hard to believe.

In the Murphys’ home county, Andy Kim won the Monmouth Democratic convention by 265 votes to 181. Despite Kim’s convincing win, Rep. Frank Pallone, a Murphy supporter, urged the convention to endorse Murphy. He cited three reasons: Murphy’s long history of living in the county, the need for more women in the Senate, and her progressive views. However, some critics argue that because she is a candidate based on her husband’s political power, she may be seen as a special interest herself.

Despite being present at the convention earlier in the day, the Murphys left before Kim spoke to reporters. However, Kim said his campaign has gained momentum and energy after winning the convention with only one vote difference from his opponent.

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