Wyoming Department of Agriculture Inspects Campbell County Establishments for Safety Standards

Health and Food Inspections in Campbell County from February 5th to February 11th, 2024

The Campbell County establishments are inspected by the Consumer Health Services Division of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture at least once a year. The reports for these inspections are made public and available on the WDA’s website. However, it is important to note that the reports only include routine inspections and not follow-up or other kinds of inspections.

Upon finding deficiencies, the main goal of the WDA is to educate businesses on unsafe practices and ways to correct them. An establishment can be out of compliance with violations on different levels. However, while a business may be out of compliance, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s unsafe. Violations are a “snapshot” in time and are often corrected before an inspector leaves the facility. Depending on the severity of the violation, businesses have 10 to 45 days to correct it.

The WDA’s website is where these reports and updated information from the WDA are published. Serious violations or notable quotes are included in summary notes below, though the full report for each restaurant can be found on the WDA’s website.

The first establishment listed, MAVERIK, INC. #738, had no violations and was in compliance. The second establishment listed, LIBERTY SWEETS also had no violations and was in compliance as well. The third establishment listed, BRIGHT BEGINNINGS had one violation but was still in compliance with regulations set by WDA officials. One comment on their inspection report stated that “In use wiping cloths need to be stored in a sanitizer solution.” No comments were included for MAVERIK, INC., #738 or LIBERTY SWEETS aside from their violation count and compliance status respectively. Finally, BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB OF CAMPBELL COUNTY had three violations but was still in compliance with regulations set by WDA officials as well.

Overall, regular inspections conducted by Consumer Health Services Division of Wyoming Department of Agriculture ensure that establishments adhere to safety standards set by state officials while providing valuable feedback that allows businesses to improve their operations and protect public health.

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