Year of the Dragon Brings Anticipation of Baby Boom in China: Fertility Policies, Superstitions and Lunar Calendar Forecasts

The Year of the Dragon in China brings a baby boom: Here’s why “special children” will be born

In the Lunar Year of the Dragon, Chinese authorities and medical personnel anticipate a significant increase in births or even a baby boom. This is expected to contribute to the post-pandemic recovery from Covid-19 and aligns with policies implemented by Beijing to support fertility and procreation. Couples are eager to welcome “dragon children” due to the auspicious and lucky associations with this zodiac sign.

As a mythical creature of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, dragons are viewed as divine and powerful. Children born in the Year of the Dragon are believed to possess qualities such as intelligence, confidence, and ambition. Some couples may even opt for IVF or schedule cesarean sections to ensure that their children are born in this year, influenced by superstitions that dragon children are special and destined for greatness.

A 2019 study found that children born during the Year of the Dragon were more likely to score higher on college entrance exams and obtain a college education. However, experts attribute this success not to cosmic influence but rather extra time and money invested by parents in these children.

Hospitals across China have posted timetables and tips to assist couples in conceiving a “baby dragon.” Advisors emphasize clear astrological preferences, hoping for higher fertility rates this year. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, 2024 will be specifically known as the Year of Wooden Dragon, symbolizing progress, development, and prosperity.

In 2012, China experienced a real baby boom during Lunar Year of Dragon when population decreased in 2023. Experts hope that this year’s lunar year will bring about an increase in birth rates which could aid post-pandemic recovery efforts as well as demographic growth

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